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Hi all,
Today i came across with different type of requirement.
Already we familiar with INCSTR standard function in NAV.
INCSTR -> Increases a positive number or decrease a negative number inside a string by one (1).
Now we want to Decreases a positive number inside a string by one (1).
To achieve this requirement I wrote a function DECSTR.
See the bellow screenshot for full function.

NAV 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts


-----Merge Excel Cells Using DotNet Variables------

Using Automation variable we easily merged excel cells, but automation has some limitations, To overcome this i used dotnet variables and merged cells in excel.
See the bellow screenshot for solution.


How to Install Windows 8.1 – Instructions with Screenshots

·         Step 1: Place your windows 8.1 DVD in the DVD ROM or plug in your Windows 8.1 boot-able USB flash drive and restart your PC . We have used a boot-able USB flash drive to install windows 8.1 in this guide .
·         Step 2: When your PC reboots , Enter your PC’s Bios settings and set your installation media as the first boot priority . Now save your bios settings and restart your PC . Alternatively press F11 to bring up the boot media selector and select the boot-able USB flash drive .

·         Step 3: When your PC restarts you will be prompted to press any key to boot from your installation media . Press any key to continue .
·         Step 4:  You will see the following loading screen with a rotating progress bar . Wait for a few seconds till the necessary files are loaded.

·         Step 5: Next you will see the following screen , where you will have to select the language , time and currency format and keyboard layout . choose your required settings and click on next .

·         Step 6: On the next screen click on “install now” after which you need to wait for a few minutes for the setup process to start.
·         Step 7: Now you will be prompted to enter your Windows 8.1 product key , you can either use your windows 8 activation key or the product key that came with windows 8.1 . Enter your product key correctly and click on next.
Note: Some OS/Crack DVD the product key is patched that time it won't ask.

·         Step 8: Read the license terms thoroughly before you continue to install windows 8.1 on your PC . When its done click on next to proceed with the windows 8.1 installation.

·         Step 9: On the next screen choose the type of your installation , since we are doing a clean install select the second option , which is custom : install windows only ( Advanced ).

·         Step 10: Next you will be required to select a drive to install windows 8.1 , you can either format a drive and install windows 8.1 on it ,  or directly install windows 8.1 within the existing space in a drive . If you are going to use windows 8.1 as your primary OS then format your existing windows 7 drive , select it and click next to start installing windows 8.1 on it.

·         Step 11: Now wait for the installation process to complete , this might take more than 10 minutes in most cases . in case you are using a SSD this process will be much faster.

·         Step 12: When the installation process complete, your PC will be reboot automatically and boot into windows 8.1 and you will see various progress bars. After a few minutes your PC will reboot again.
·         Step 13: Now windows 8.1 is almost installed on your PC, the last thing you need to do is personalize a few settings and you will be able to use windows 8.1 .  Also you need to sign in into your Microsoft account to be able to take advantage of the windows app store.

·         Step 14: After you are done with all the settings, you will see the ” getting ready screen ” . just a few minutes more and you will see the familiar windows 8.1 start screen and your PC is all ready for the windows 8.1 experience .

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